Wednesday, February 29, 2012

E-mail to Mom in Louisiana for Katie's Baptism

Dear Mom,

You asked about my mission president.  He is cool but it's kinda sad because he's very much a business man and conducts the mission like a business.  All the other missionaries that had President Beck complain that President Souza is much colder.  So, it makes it kinda hard to hear everyone complain about the new President and still be positive about him.  But, I'm trying my best and yes, I've only seen him about 5 times.

I'm super happy you guys got the package off.  I can't wait to get all that stuff, moon balls, pictures...the elders will laugh about the baby wipes but that's ok, they'll be healous when we run out of water.  And also, Elder Padula says he can pay the $40; it's like R$80 in Brazilian money (note from mom: this elder wants me to send him Crest White Strips because you can't buy them in's important for an elder to have white teeth). 

Sorry you guys have to do all that traveling.  We did over 10 hours this week going to Araripina and Juaziero and stuff, but we had a zone conference there.  They talked about health and stuff.  It was actually super boring and kinda a waste of 3 days (due to traveling and the likes).

Okay, well, that's about it for this week.  Love you tons, mom!!!!!

                    Elder Swinney

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