Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Crazy Bus"

Hello Everyone,                                                                      January 23, 2012

This week definitely wasn't quite as awesome as the past two weeks; we went back to our usual number of investigators at church, zero.  And stuff is still hard with Tica.  We don't teach her anymore but we visit her almost every day to see how her reading is going and ask if she's ready to get baptized yet, but she never is.  I hope that before I leave Trindade I will get to see her baptism.  We aren't sure what happened to Dora's family, that awesome family we found last week.  They weren't there at church and our other investigator avoided us all this week and wasn't at church either, so that was sad. 

Something that I thought you'd find funny; the buses here are crazy!  They almost run people over and run red lights and the likes.  So, we were on the bus in Juaziero and I started singing real soft to myself, "crazy bus, crazy bus, ridin' on a crazy bus", that stupid song that DW sings from Arthur.

We had interviews with the Pres. in Juaziero on Friday and that was cool cause I hardly get to see that guy!  Plus Juaziero got a real chapel.  It is beautiful!  I really wish Trindade had a chapel but we just meet in a cute little tiny building with a couple of rooms.  Anyway, traveling and stuff this week was really tiring and we went hiking today so it's kinda bad but I'm starting the week off totally beat.  We'll see how that goes. 

Also, I'm losing my trainer this week and getting a new guy next week, which is really sad for me.  My trainer is awesome!  But, I'm hoping the next fella is a brazillian times better.   ;)  Mom, you can give that pun to Paul for me.

Oh, I almost forgot!  I got my first death threat this week!  It was awesome.  We were walking through "Narnia" (this little tiny jungle next to Trindade) and this man rode up on his motorcycle yelling to me and my 3 Brazillians, "You Americans come here to take our land!  You think you're real cute with your shirt and tie.  If you ever come back here, I'll kill you!"  But, it sounded more like this, "Americanos vem aqui para robo nossa terra, Voces sao bonitinhos..."  and it would have been real scary but he was just a drunken little man, not a killer.  So, my companion started to walk toward him and he hopped back on his mototcycle real fast and rode away.  It was actually kinda funny.

Anyways, love you guys like there aint no tomorrow.
Elder Swinney

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