Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012

Oi Todos!

Sounds like it's pretty dry there.  I'm getting really used to it being humid and hot all the time here.  I applaud the kids for their missionary work.  That is awesome!

This week was awesome too!  We had six investigators at church on Sunday, which is better than our past few weeks (0,0,2,0) and we found a really awesome family.  The mom told us she is looking for a church that  will be good for kids...and also, they can read so that's super cool.  She was the only one there at church but she said she liked it and we've got an appointment to go back tomorrow (ha, Pedro, her son, just came into the internet cafe here).  Yeah, so, I'm really excited for her and her family.  We had to drop Tica; she already knows everything, but she just decided to read the Book of Mormon, so we'll check up on her reading, but we have nothing more to teach her.  This week was slow but the prospect for next week is very promising.  Hope all is well for you guys back home. 

Elder Swinney

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