Monday, January 9, 2012

Elder Swinney is Fluent!!!

Dear Family,                                                                               January 9, 2012

I guess I'm fluent now!  I had a lot of compliments this week from everyone.  One investigator even said that my accent is less strong than my Brazilian companion, and I asked some kids to guess where I was from, and they said, Sao Paulo, Curritiba, and Rio Grande, do sul!  Ha!  And then to top it all off, two days ago Elder S. Rebierto said to me "four months and you're already fluent and most elders take 6 months."  I said, "I'm fluent?"  He said I speak better Portuguese than some guys that have been out a year.  My trainer said to me this week, "Hey, here in Trindade I can't teach you all the techniques and scriptures you'll need (because the people here are very simple and we teach very simply) and for this I'm sorry, but I'm glad that I could help you to speak fluently".

 Sorry if it sounds like I'm bragging, I'm not.  I had tons of help from the Lord, the members, my dictionary, and my trainer.  It's just that these past 2 months were without a doubt the absolute hardest, loneliest, and most depressing months of my entire life.  And I am so happy that with the help of the Lord and the love from you guys back home I made it over the first of my real hard trials in the mission.  So, thank you everyone.

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